Each session teaches and demonstrates a complete procedure, performed in its entirety by the professor with the assistance of the pupils and utilizing the most advanced technological resources. Practices are performed in an orderly, sequential and progressive fashion in order to accordingly develop the knowledge and skills of the pupils.
1. Golden aesthetic analysis.
  2. Face aesthetic analysis.
  3. Body aesthetic analysis.
  4. Skin aesthetic analysis.
  5. Skin rejuvenation.
  6. Benign skin lesion criotherapy.
  7. Pre-malign skin lesion criotherapy.
  8. Malign skin lesion criotherapy.
  9. Glicolic acid peel (Rejuvenation).
10. Resorcin peel (Acne).
11. Clinical photography.
12. Aesthetic and Anti-Aging clinical file.
13. Clinical document elaboration.
14. Body fat measurement.
15. Nutritional program elaboration.
16. Physical conditioning program elaboration.
17. Liposculture of minor areas.
18. Liposculture of big areas.
19. Lipofilling of minor areas.
20. Lipofilling of large areas.
21. Soft tissue augmenting substance application.
22. Basic aesthetic Botox injection.
23. Eyebrow micropigmentation.
24. Lids micropigmentation.
25. Lips micropigmentation.
26. Vitiligo micropigmentation.
27. Clinical diagnostic of venous insufficiency.
28. Doppler diagnostic of venous insufficiency.
29. Sclerotherapy of varicose veins.
30. Nutritional supplementation.
31. Hormone supplementation.
32. Bioenergetic supplementation.
33. Antioxidant supplementation.
34. Bone and joint supplementation.
35. Inmune supplementation.
36. TCA deep peeling (scars).
37. Croton-oil deep peeling (photo-damage).
38. Microdermabrasion.
39. Microcapilar transplantation.
40. Eyebrow microcapilar transplantation.
41. Lashes microcapilar transplantation.
42. Diverse microcapilar transplantation.
43. Medispa facial treatments.
44. Medispa body treatments.
45. Medispa hair treatments.
46. Advanced aesthetic Botox injection.
47. Advanced reconstructive Botox injection.
48. Nutritional assessment.
49. Planning of a healthy diet.
50. Diagnosis and treatment of alimentary disorders.
51. Hydrolipoclatia.
52. Allopathic traditional mesotherapy.
53. Allopathic electrophoretic traditional mesotherapy.
54. Ambulatory phlebectomy.
55. Endovascular laser.
56. Laser for hair removal.
57. Laser for skin resurfacing.
58. Laser for pigmented lesions.
59. Laser for varicose veins.
60. Laser for tattoo removal.
61. Cellulites treatment.
62. Intense pulse light (IPL) for hair removal.
63. Intense pulse light (IPL) for pigmented lesions.
64. Intense pulse light (IPL) for acne.
65. Intense pulse light (IPL) for skin rejuvenation.
66. Intense pulse light (IPL) for telangiectasias.
67. Scientific protocol elaboration.
68. Scientific thesis elaboration.